These are NOT your "old-school" lawnmower blades that need sharpening all the time.  Switch to a new style of lawnmower blade that's engineered and built to outlast any other blades on the market.

Never worry about ruining a whole set of blades or mower spindles when you hit a rock. The Cutlass Blades have super-tough, swinging cutting tips that are replaceable and super-easy to change.

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Welcome to the next generation of Lawnmower Blades!

We Custom Build these blades to fit your Lawn Mower!

Cutlass Mower Blades are designed to fit in place of conventional blades on virtually any mower. Cutlass Blades have four removable cutting tips. These swinging blade tips utilize centrifugal (spinning) force for operation. Simple spring clips allow for quick and easy replacement of the cutting tips. 

Our Deluxe Blades have four heat-treat hardened steel cutting edges. You'll reap the benefits of improved discharge, finer cut, and make short work of any lawn in your path. Keep your lawnmower cutting cleaner without clogging up, even in thick or wet grass.

Cutlass Lawn Mower Blades are the result of years of dedication and research to finding a safe, easy-to-use, reliable alternative mower blade that performs better and lasts longer. 

Why Cutlass Blades?

  • Excellent discharge in tall or wet grass
  • Pivoting blade tip - protects against impact
  • Four cutting tips to - give your lawn a manicured look
  • Easy to keep blades sharp with quick-change cutting tips
  • More Reasons...
Benefits of the Cutlass Blade
Durability of the Cutlass Blade
Laser Cutting Blade Bodies


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